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Caroleene Dobson


Caroleene Dobson


Caroleene Dobson is a distinguished attorney, wife, mother, District Two resident, and a lifelong advocate for conservative values.


Born and raised in Beatrice, Alabama, Dobson grew up on her family's fifth-generation cattle farm, where she learned the meaning of hard work and developed a firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by hardworking families and entrepreneurs.

A National Merit finalist and a U.S. Presidential Scholar, Dobson attended Harvard College, earning a degree in history and literature, and was an active member of the Harvard Republican Club. Dobson later attended Baylor Law School, where she graduated magna cum laude and was the articles editor for the Baylor Law Review.


Currently practicing real estate law at the Maynard Nexsen law firm, Dobson represents a diverse clientele, including homebuilders, retailers, small business owners, and private landowners. She has spent her career advocating for her client’s interests while also achieving tangible, positive outcomes. In Congress, she will hold true to her core conservative values while ensuring Washington D.C. is working for the people of District Two.


A passionate advocate for families, farms, and faith, Dobson aims to preserve the bedrock values and moral backbone that have defined our nation. With a call for Alabama common sense, she is determined to challenge the far-left agenda in Washington, D.C., advocating for the rights of property owners and defending the freedom to think, speak, and act without interference.


Dobson is a member of the Alabama Forestry Commission, an active member of the Federalist Society, and serves on the Board of the Southeastern Livestock Exposition.


Caroleene, alongside her husband Bobby, is the proud parent of two daughters, Philippa and Lydia. Her decision to run for Congress is deeply rooted in a desire to secure a future for her children and to champion the principles that have made America the land of the free.


As a candidate, Caroleene Dobson embodies the values of hard work, family, and faith. Her candidacy will bring a vital combination of agricultural roots, legal experience, and commitment to conservative values to the Second Congressional District.

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