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I am running to fight for Alabama families, and Alabama families are having their security threatened. Our country is being invaded. Illegals are pouring across our southern border. Between the crime, the drugs, the terrorist cells, and just the sheer weight of so many non-taxpayers on our social services, our country is going to collapse. To address these critical issues, I am committed to supporting President Trump's agenda. This includes securing our border to prevent further illegal entry, completing the wall, and strictly enforcing the 'stay in Mexico' policy.



The average American family of four has been paying $950 more a month for just basic living costs since President Biden took office. We must stop excessive government spending that fuels inflation and acts as a hidden tax on hardworking Alabamians. Additionally, reducing regulatory red tape that stifles business growth and innovation is crucial. Over-regulation hampers economic expansion and increases costs for consumers and businesses alike. As your Representative for Alabama's 2nd Congressional District, I will support and vote for the reinstatement of President Trump's Regulatory Bill of Rights, establishing clear thresholds for agencies to meet before enacting new regulations.

Sniper Rifle


I firmly stand by the Second Amendment and believe it is a critical safeguard ingrained by our Founders to protect "We the People." In Congress, I will support policies empowering Alabamians to protect themselves, their families, homes, and communities. Restrictive gun laws disproportionately impact law-abiding citizens, who are then left defenseless while criminals disregard these laws entirely. Upholding the Second Amendment ensures that our citizens retain their ability to defend and maintain their freedoms in the present and future generations.

Gas Plant


We must be energy-independent once again. From day one, the Biden Administration's attempts to implement costly and force detrimental energy policy on the American people have been clear. I stand for an all-encompassing energy strategy that upholds affordability, reliability, and security. Embracing Alabama's rich energy resources, from coal to natural gas and beyond, is crucial for our state and nation's prosperity. When we are not energy-independent, the American people suffer.

Baby's Feet


As a lifelong Christian, conservative, wife, and mother, I am pro-life and will fight for the rights of the unborn, as well as protect the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. Standing up for the unborn also means making sure they have the opportunity to succeed. Starting from conception, every child deserves the chance to fulfill their potential and contribute positively to our society. In Washington, I will bring Alabama common sense to the forefront, advocating fiercely for policies that support our families, our farms, and our faith, ensuring that our values are represented and protected at the highest levels of government.

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